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Founded in 1978, Shenyang Modern Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as MTC) has been in research, development, production, sales, project implementaion service supports of High-Grade Highway Facilities for 30 years. Now MTC covers an area of 8000 square meters, own all kinds fixed assets more than 10 millons yuan (equal to 1.5 mililion usd). Also, MTC is consist of 10 managers, 182 skilled workers, setup Branch Company in Bejing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu Xi'an.

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Self moving raised line marking machine

The self-propelled raised line marking machine is a special equipment for marking raised lines. 

At present, raised markings are widely used in developed countries.

Zebra crossing hot melt marking machine is suitable for expressway, urban expressway,

 elevated road ramp entrance, etc

Used to remind forced deceleration to reduce traffic accidents.

  • FAQ of road...


    Road marking machine is the necessary equipment for road traffic. It is necessary to maintain the road marking regularly to ensure the orderly traffic. Today, sanyeng traffic you on the road...
    FAQ of road marking machine
  • Precautions for...


    The road marking machine can also prevent free silicon causingBut its useful strike area on the surface of the target is also small. For example, the Yellow zebra crossing is intuitively...
    Precautions for use of road marking machine
  • What are the main...


    1. Initiator: most highway marking machines use the initiator as the power, some use the battery as the power. If the initiator is used, its power ranges 2, 5HP to 20HP. However, international...
    What are the main parts of the road marking machine