FAQ of road marking machine

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Road marking machine is the necessary equipment for road traffic. It is necessary to maintain the road marking regularly to ensure the orderly traffic. Today, sanyeng traffic you on the road marking machine common problems, to answer.

1. How to solve the persistence of highlight marking reflection?

Because reflective glass bead is a surface spraying process, there is no inner mixed bead, so the adhesion requirements of the surface glass bead are very high. In order to achieve the reflective durable type, we must choose the two-component coating with good quality can stand the inspection the bright glass bead.

In addition to the adhesion of glass beads, we should also pay attention to the transmittance roundness of glass beads. the beginning of production materials, the glass beads selected by sanyeng have very high requirements for impurities light transmittance. In this way, the attenuation of light during reflection is greatly reduced.

The roundness of the glass bead ensures the original reflection of the light. The higher the roundness, the brighter it will feel when the light is shining. The roundness rate of three win reflective glass beads is required to be more than 95%. Every step in the reflective process should be done well to achieve the overall reflective effect.

2. How to the nozzle size of scriber correctly?

In the use of marking machine road marking construction, the first thing to consider is what kind of nozzle to choose. Correct nozzle selection can make the construction smooth simple, it is also a kind of maintenance for the equipment, increasing the service life of the equipment

Road marking machine


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