What are the main parts of the road marking machine

2019-05-22 11:40:18

1. Initiator: most highway marking machines use the initiator as the power, some use the battery as the power. If the initiator is used, its power ranges 2, 5HP to 20HP. However, international famous brands, such as Briggs & Stratton in the United States Honda in Japan, have obvious advantages: stable performance easy procurement of spare parts, which almost determine the operation performance of the whole equipment; If the battery is used as the power, it is also necessary to think about the operation time of each charge, which is less than 7 hours (about 1 day's working time).

2. Air compressor: as for the marking machine ( hydraulic jet) relying on air to stop spraying, it is also the main part affecting the performance of the whole machine. Like the initiator 1, you should consider purchasing products equipped with international famous brand air compressor. The larger the emission, the better, but there should be a limit of 1.

3. Bucket: it has two main functions: 1. It is used to hold paint. In this sense, the size of its capacity will affect the number of filling the progress of operation. Another function that many users neglect is that the container is still a pressure vessel. After being pressurized by an air compressor, it turns into a pressurized "air tank" which becomes the power of marking work. In this sense, its sealing, safety corrosion resistance are all what users should think about. Compared with good barrels are made of stainless steel, some products have also reached the ASME code.

4. Spray gun: there are two types of spray guns in the market at present, one is to use "spray box" to stop spraying, the price is relatively cheap, especially suitable for the construction of sports lawn parking lot; the other is to use spray gun to stop spraying, which is the spray gun in a strict sense, but the price of the spray nozzle is relatively high.

5. Marking width: the width of international general road marking is 15cm. Considering that the marking machine may be used in parking lot, community other places, it is necessary to purchase a marking machine with width adjustment function, which will help to use save paint reasonably. The marking range of our company's marking machine is 8-25cm.

6. Paint type: latex paint paint can be used. It needs to be diluted to a concentration similar to that of salad oil. Consult the local hardware store

7. Spray gun: in addition to using the hand held spray gun, you can freely use the template to spray draw various symbols, you can also work on walls, columns other places outside the ground.

8. Curve operation. Some scribers also have an extra wheel installed at the rear, which allows you to work freely along curved markings.

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