Short distance construction of highway marking machine is convenient flexible

2020-04-20 22:28:39

Road marking machine marking width: the international general road marking width is 15cm. Considering that the marking machine may be used in parking lot, community other places, it is necessary to purchase a marking machine with width adjustment function, which will help to use save paint reasonably. Generally, the adjustable range is 5-15cm. Type of paint: commonly used paints are solvent based water-soluble. *** Hand held spray gun: in addition to using the hand held spray gun, you can freely use the template to paint various symbols, can also work on walls, columns other places outside the ground. Hand held spray gun has gradually become the standard configuration of all kinds of marking machines. Cleaning system: some marking machines are equipped with an automatic cleaning system, which can quickly clean the pipeline system after each end of work, so that your cleaning work can save more than half of the time. Glass bead system: the road maintenance company should also consider the deployment of glass bead distribution system as a standard configuration. The system can spray glass beads to make the marking construction completely meet the national requirements. Curve operation. Some scribers also have an extra wheel installed at the rear, which allows you to work freely along curved markings. Companies engaged in sports fields multi curve operations may consider purchasing a marking machine with this function. Some already have it. There are two main functions: 1. To hold the paint, in this sense, the size of its capacity will affect the number of filling the progress of the operation. *** The better barrels are made of stainless steel, some products also meet the American ASME standard.

Road marking machine


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